Our Programs

We accept, for better or worse, that prescription and non-prescription drug use is part of our world and we choose to work to minimize its harmful effects rather than simply ignore or condemn them. Our vision is for all community members to live safer and healthier lives, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, financial status, immigration status, current substance use, disability, age, mental health status, incarceration status, religion and any other communities not listed.


Syringe clean-up

Used needles and other sharps are dangerous to people, pets, and the environment if not disposed of safely. They can injure people and spread infections that cause serious health conditions. We lead syringe clean-up initiatives and data collection.


We believe in meeting people where they are and letting them help shape the services they receive.

Opioid Overdose Prevention

Opioid overdose deaths are preventable with community members receiving education and training on the use of Naloxone, a life saving medication that reverses an opioid overdose. We provide one-on-one and group trainings along with FREE NALOXONE to community members.