Syringe LITTER Clean-up

We accept, for better and or worse, that prescription and nonprescription drug use is part of our world and we choose to work to minimize its harmful effects rather than simply ignore or condemn them. Butte County, like many other counties across the U.S., is facing an opioid epidemic and our harm reduction approach is a key, research-driven way to save lives and prevent the spread of infectious disease. We stand ready to not only serve our clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve, but respond to our neighbors' concerns about needle litter by providing education on appropriate sharps disposal, leading community needle sweeps, and a managing a line to report syringe litter 530.332.8065. You can also submit syringe clean up request below. We look forward to working closely with our community in Butte County to improve public safety and promote public health for all members of our community using evidence-based interventions.


Syringe Litter Report Form

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